iloveyou much yhon!:*
hi im karlo James Aquino Esguerra simply KJAE
16 years of living in this rockable world. a funny and sweet boyfriend,brother,classmate,student and son. im friendly,lovable,so very talkative one!:D
in relationship with MS. tutziiyhon :)


I dont wanna love another but you..
lovedbythatguy asked: -- Hello :) Advance Merry Christmas ! May God Bless you :> Have a nice day.



— Love will die if held too tightly. Love will fly if held too lightly. 

My life’s worst scenario: it is when people assume that they know me even without trying to get to know me and they judge me from my actions without knowing the reason behind it.

Ganun daw oh! XD 
—TUMBLRDAMEALAM! :)))))))))))))

Time on Tumblr passes like:

Time doing your Homework passes like:

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